Creature Academy: The Legacy

by Kevin Konrad Hanna, with Dave Fagan, Erich Owen and Grant Bond
A story about teenagers, their teachers, and other monsters.”

available from Red 5 Comics on ComiXology

“Combines elements of X-Men, Pokemon and Harry Potter for a rockin’ mix of magic and mayhem.”
Dave Roman,  X -Men: Misfits, Agnes Quill

“Creature Academy is a fantastic roller-coaster of a ride, filled with imagination and surprise.”
Joshua Ortega Gears of War, Star Wars Tales

“An edge of the seat adventure from the get go freigegebene ordner herunterladen registry. Kevin Hanna has created a world of magic that is instantly fun, dangerous, and enthralling. Sure to be a classic”
Scott Christian Sava Dreamland Chronicles

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